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Call for Applications to promote Projects in Rural Environments – Spain

Call for Applications to promote Projects in Rural Environments – Spain

Deadline: 2 March 2020

”la Caixa” Foundation has announced a call for applications to promote projects in rural environments which are adapted to the particular regional characteristics and social needs in order to improve living conditions and create opportunities for families, children and teenagers, women, the elderly and people at risk of social exclusion.

The objective of this call is to promote projects in rural areas, adapted to their territorial characteristics and social needs, to improve living conditions, generate opportunities and prevent the risk of exclusion of people in the territorial area in which they develop.

The projects must be carried out in municipalities or population entities with less than 10,000 inhabitants and in municipalities with up to 20,000 inhabitants with a negative demographic evolution as defined in the Atlas of Urban Areas. In the application form only these municipalities and population entities will be eligible as an area of action.

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The call aims to support projects that aim to:

The promotion of personal autonomy, attention to aging, disability and to the disease.
Attention to children and youth, and people in situations of social exclusion.
The promotion of socio-labor development actions, especially aimed at people with difficulties in accessing employment.
Support for the value of the local community and social cohesion.
The projects must have a specific design, adjusted to the social and territorial characteristics of the area in which they are developed and contemplate as main axes of action:

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The adaptation to the territory in which they will be implemented in terms of location, extent, target population, need or challenge to which they respond.
Coordinated action, through formal alliances, between social entities, companies and public administrations to favor mainstreaming and integral action.
The generation and maintenance of essential services and activities to guarantee quality of people’s lives.
The integration of social realities that contribute to generating a sense of community: childhood, youth, elderly, immigrant population, etc.
Sustainability in its economic, social and environmental dimensions, and reproducibility to favor the implementation of similar or similar initiatives in other areas.
Areas of Action

Socio-occupational development.
Local community and social cohesion.
Personal independence and attention to ageing, disability and disease.
Children and young people.
Funding Information

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The requested amount may not exceed 75% of the total project cost.
Up to €40,000 for projects presented by a single organisation.
Up to €60,000 for projects presented jointly and via a partnership made up of two or more organisations.
The projects must have a duration of 12 months.
Eligibility Criteria

The entities that may appear for the call are:
Non-profit entities
Entities of the social economy that, among their purposes indicated in their statutes, explicitly state social interest or cohesion as its main objective
Public administrations or autonomous bodies may not present themselves as project management entities in this call, but as a partnership of a social entity that presents the project as a manager.
The requirements for the entities, both management and partnerships, are:
Be accredited in the Calls portal and designate a person responsible for the request management.
Be registered in the corresponding administrative register, domiciled in Spanish territory, and develop the project presented in Spain.
Have your own NIF.
Have statutes and an antiquity of one year from its constitution.
In the case of delegations, they may present themselves independently, provided that prove their formal, functional and organic autonomy:
Being explicitly recognized in the statutes of the parent entity. Otherwise, they must provide documentation proving it, signed by a legal representative of the parent entity.
Have autonomous operation with respect to the parent entity, with its own structure and own government body, signed by a managerial office of the delegation.
Have an own and differentiated budget of the parent entity, signed by a executive office of the delegation.
Have a minimum operating age as a delegation of one year.
How to Apply

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Interested applicants can apply via given website.

For more information, visit https://obrasociallacaixa.org/en/pobreza-accion-social/convocatorias-sociales/convocatorias-generales/accion-social-en-el-ambito-rural

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