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Business Partnership Facility Grant Program

Business Partnership Facility Grant Program

Deadline: 20-Oct-22

Applications are now open for the Business Partnership Facility (BPF) edition 2022 Grant Program.

Funding Information
At the end of the process, the projects supported are co-financed up to a maximum of 50% with a ceiling of 200 000 EUR in the form of a direct grant.

What form will the partnership take?
Different types of partnership can be established under the BPF. However, the initiative for the establishment of a partnership lies with the Luxembourg and European private sector wishing to participate in the facility. Thus, there are at least two entities involved in the partnership:

the Luxembourg/European partner, which must have a trade register number and have its headquarters in an European Union (EU) country. This partner is referred to as the “lead partner”;
the “local partner(s)” established in a developing country, which may be private companies, public entities, universities, research institutes or civil society actors;
other entities can usefully complement the partnership on the European side. They will then be referred to as “associated partners”.
Project Supported
During its first five editions, the BPF has experienced growing success, arousing a little more interest from Luxembourg and European companies each year.

Language: The language of the call for proposals is French, however applications written in English will be accepted.

Eligibility Criteria
The selection process is done through a call for projects in two stages: pre-selection via the downloadable application form then, for the applications selected at the end of this first stage, submission of a detailed proposal.
Any type of Luxembourg and European private company may, individually or in the form of a consortium, participate in this call for proposals provided that it meets the minimum administrative eligibility conditions.
Different types of partnership can be established within the framework of the BPF facility, however the initiative to establish it lies with the representatives of the Luxembourg and European private sector wishing to participate in the facility. While the initiative may originate from a developing country in this case, it is essential that contacts are established with potential partners in Europe and it will be up to these European partners to submit a proposal.
For successful applicants
For successful applications, project promoters will have approximately three months to submit a “detailed proposal presentation” in which a more precise presentation of the project is expected, in particular through a value proposition containing a business plan and the proposal. indicators related to the impact of the project in the country of implementation.
Luxembourg companies that so wish can be supported by Luxinnovation in the preparation of their detailed proposal.
The support granted by the BPF facility must indeed contribute to the achievement of the SDGs through green and inclusive growth, job creation or technology transfer. The following parameters are also taken into account for the final selection of projects:
the innovative character of the project;
the economic viability of the project;
the partnership with the local partner, in particular the formal common interest between the partners and mutual responsibility;
expected results and associated indicators;
the additionality of the co-financing by the BPF facility;
neutrality (not creating market distortions);
demonstration effect and replicability;
compliance with social, environmental and tax standards;
formal commitment to human rights.
At the end of the selection of the detailed proposals, a co-financing agreement will be concluded with the promoters of the selected projects.
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