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Buell Foundation Grant Program in the US

Buell Foundation Grant Program in the US

Deadline: 1-Sep-22

The Buell Foundation is seeking applications for its Grant Program.

The Buell Foundation is a professional philanthropic organization supporting the positive development of children through grants and partnerships with other sectors of their community. The Foundation focuses primarily on the state of Colorado and concentrates its grantmaking on programs that benefit children.

Foundation’s Vision

They fulfill their mission and vision by staying true to five guiding values:
Accountability – They establish clear standards and share them with their partners.
Accessibility – They share information with grantees, grant seekers, other funders, the government, businesses, and the public.
Excellence – They develop internal systems that are accurate and use resources wisely to support grant programs.
Flexibility – They recognize public policies and funding sources affecting not-for-profits working with children, youth, and families. They consider changing conditions. They accept risk. The balance process and outcomes. They are open to creative and innovative ideas.
Altruism – They appreciate philanthropic work as a privilege and responsibility to the public good.
Areas of Interest

The funding strategy includes two primary areas of interest:
Early Childhood Education and Development
The Foundation will consider proposals in the following areas that directly support the healthy development of very young children between the ages of zero and five:
Assessment and evaluation
Behavior and social competence
Early childhood and preschool programs
Home visitation
Improvements directly related to quality
Language development and early literacy
Nutrition and physical activity in early learning environments
Parenting education
Professional development and education
Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Comprehensive teen pregnancy prevention programs must:
Be facilitated by trained and experienced professionals, ideally by someone who has been prepared to facilitate sexual health education programs and/or a curriculum
Emphasize the importance of delaying sex
Instruct about the benefits and risks of condoms and contraception when engaging in sex
Impart information about sexual activity and the use of condoms and contraception that is deemed medically accurate by sources on which medical professionals rely
Provide education about consent and refusal skills
Occur in a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental learning environment for all youth
Be inclusive of the cultures, values, sexual orientation, and gender identity of youth participating in the program
Assess the effectiveness of the programs on the skills, knowledge, and attitudes or behavior change of the participants
Funding Information

Grants are most often awarded within the $10,000 to $50,000 range.
What do they fund?

The Buell Foundation seeks proven, promising, or developing programs that can demonstrate success in helping children thrive.
They support efforts to improve quality and encourage meaningful evaluation and assessment.
It is their goal to partner with outstanding organizations to improve the systems that serve children.
Particular focus is placed on programs that target underserved communities.
Eligibility Criteria

Grants will be given only to organizations that are tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or government entities.
Applicants must be categorized as “not a private foundation” under section 509(a) of the Code.
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