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BC Rehab Project Grant: Creating Opportunities for People with Physical Disabilities (Canada)

BC Rehab Project Grant: Creating Opportunities for People with Physical Disabilities (Canada)


The BC Rehab Foundation is seeking applications for its Project Grant program to create opportunities for the full participation of people with physical disabilities.

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The BC Rehab is committed to equal opportunities and improving community accessibility throughout the province. The foundation encourage projects that involve multiple community partners, promote universal access, has clearly defined objectives and demonstrate community support

Funding Information

The BC Rehab allocation committee does not impose a funding limit, but the average approved funding requested falls between $2,000 and $5,000.

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Eligibility Criteria

Funds are available to non-profit organizations or community groups based in British Columbia. Please note that accessible playgrounds and expenditures for equipment, programming or work completed prior to the date of the application approval will not be eligible for funding under this program.

In general, eligible projects will:

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Be consistent with BC Rehab’s mission of supporting efforts to create inclusive communities in BC and expand opportunities for people living with disabilities
Demonstrate the extent to which the project will create an sustainable and lasting impact
Have a reasonable and thorough program budget that breaks down costs and revenue
Establish a tangible timeline
Have a capable project leader or team in place to see the project through from start to finish
Set out measurable objectives to evaluation program success
Prove that there is community support for the proposed undertaking and estimates the amount of people from the disability community who will benefits from the project
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