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Australian Embassy’s Turkey Direct Aid Program (DAP) 2020-2021

Australian Embassy’s Turkey Direct Aid Program (DAP) 2020-2021

Deadline: 23-Oct-20

The Australian Embassy, Ankara is seeking applications for Direct Aid Program (DAP) which is a small grants program funded from Australia’s aid budget.

Seed Grants
It has the flexibility to work with local communities on projects that reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development consistent with Australia’s national interest.

Priority Areas

In 2020-21, priority will be given to projects that support disadvantaged communities, including women and children, persons with disabilities, and refugees. The DAP Committee will be looking for projects that achieve practical and tangible outcomes in priority development sectors, including:

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Health, including the building of vulnerable communities’ resilience to COVID-19, and projects that support local COVID-19 response and recovery efforts;
Gender equality and women’s economic empowerment;
Empowerment of persons with disabilities;
Empowerment of youth.
Funding Information

There is no minimum amount that a single DAP project can receive in Turkey but the maximum is AUD 10,000 over the life of the project.
Eligibility Criteria

DAP is available on a not-for-profit basis to community groups, national or international NGOs, academic institutions, universities, government institutions, research bodies, local government institutions, and other entities engaged in development activities in countries that are eligible for official development assistance (ODA).
DAP is only available to institutions located in Turkey for projects to be carried out in Turkey.
projects must be self-contained with definite timelines including a work plan, and the funding should be expended by 30 June 2021;
projects must be clearly defined with specific achievable and sustainable outcomes that will help vulnerable target groups;
project funding limit is AUD 10,000 (approx. 53,000TL);
application forms must be submitted through the online grants management system, Smartygrants.
Applications must:
include a clear and fully itemised and fully costed project budget in TL or in AUD outlining the development benefits of the proposal;
demonstrate the applicant’s capacity to effectively implement the proposed project;
demonstrate the applicant’s capability and capacity to manage any identified project-related risks. This should specifically include a risk management strategy for implementing the project amid COVID-19 risks, including mitigation measures that will be taken to ensure the project is COVID-19 safe;
demonstrate the soundness of the project’s objectives and design and the practicability of the proposed implementation arrangements;
demonstrate that the project conforms with the objectives of the Direct Aid Program;
demonstrate that the project is technically feasible;
include a risk management strategy to mitigate risk, including COVID-19 risks;
include a suggested time for a possible visit by Embassy officials;
if the project involves working with children, the organisation must have a current child protection policy or code of conduct to be eligible.
Selection Process

Along with above requirements, we will favorably consider projects:

addressing gender issues in their implementation;
where the applicant contributes its own or other donor resources to the project;
where the recipient community makes a significant contribution in terms of labour, materials or funds;
where the project involves conferences and training, if the results are likely to be put to use after completion of the project;
which act as a catalyst for further development of the community or a model for similar developments elsewhere.
The following activities and items are generally NOT eligible for funding under DAP:

grants programs run by other governments or organisations;
micro-credit schemes or any other project that involves return of money or loans for cash;
salary for permanent staff of the implementing organisation;
administrative costs not directly related to project implementation;
purchase or rental of property or land;
purchase of vehicles;
routine, recurring and/or running costs including: office rent, electricity, water, phone, internet, etc.; routine maintenance and repairs (including of equipment such as photocopiers, computers, stoves, fridges etc.); and office or equipment insurance
commercial ventures;
direct support for governments;
Australian or overseas study tours;
international travel;
sponsorship of major sporting tournaments or cultural displays that do not have a clear developmental benefit;
catering (i.e. food and drinks) and media coverage for promotional/launch events associated with DAP projects.
For more information, visit https://turkey.embassy.gov.au/anka/Development_cooperat.html

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