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Australia: Development & Operations Grants Program

Australia: Development & Operations Grants Program

Deadline: 1-Mar-22

The Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) is inviting applications for the Development & Operations Grants Program to support community media station resilience by strengthening governance, building community, sustainable operations and technical capacity.

The current objective for Development & Operations grants is to support community media organisations to be healthy, resilient and robust. In turn this will help create a stronger society based on greater participation, engagement and cohesion.


Your application must clearly demonstrate how the proposed activities address one or more of the areas:

Governance – strategic planning, technology planning, developing open and transparent governance policies and procedures, recruiting and maintaining a governance team with diverse skills and experiences
Sustainable operations – improving the financial sustainability, and/or reducing the environmental impact of community media
Building community – engaging the diverse members of your community.
Any evidence that supports the claims in your application, either regarding information or finances, will help verify your grant request. This includes:

Scanned documents such as recent bills, invoices, lease agreements and quotes.
Supporting documentation for partnership arrangements such as letters of support or short video files expressing community support for a project proposal.
Do you quote research or support for your project using data? Attach a copy to your application.
Are you applying for studio infrastructure? Provide a diagram of your set-up – how many studios, the purpose of each (on-air, training, production). If you are applying for transmission infrastructure, provide a block diagram of your primary and secondary (translator) sites and methods used to link them, including backup systems.
Attach documents in Microsoft Excel, Word and PDF format rather than msg or jpg. Please ensure you present multi-page documents as a single attachment, not separately loaded pages.

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