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Apply for The Legal Education Foundation Grant Program!

Apply for The Legal Education Foundation Grant Program!

Deadline: 2 August 2018

The Legal Education Foundation is seeking applications for its grant program. The foundation’s purpose is “promote the advancement of legal education and the study of the law in all its branches. It envisions a society where everyone understands the role and value of the law and has the capability and opportunity to use it to ensure their rights and to fulfil the obligations that accompany these rights.

Since the foundation launch in January 2013 they have granted nearly £20 million to more than 150 organisations, supporting over 320 different projects throughout the UK. From training barristers to manage vulnerable witnesses to teaching primary school students about their rights, the aim is to find innovative projects that can change their citizens understanding and access to legal system.

The Foundation does not provide funding for individuals, or normally for work outside the United Kingdom.


  • To increase public understanding of the law and the capability to use it.
  • To advance high quality thinking, training and practice in legal education and legal services so as to ensure legal needs are met.
  • To increase access to employment in the legal profession and, in particular, to advance social mobility and diversity.


  • In response to current developments and opportunities the Foundation has also identified the following Themes of focus and interest where applications are encouraged:
  • To explore the implications of the vote for Brexit for the areas covered by strategic objectives.
  • To develop the role of social welfare legal advice needs in health settings through legal education with health professionals and development of models to expand the provision of services.
  • To influence the development and operation of the online court in a manner that maximises the ability of individuals to secure just outcomes in relation to their rights and protections.

Areas which are unlikely to meet the criteria

These will include:

  • Funding of existing academic activities or facilities in schools, universities or other educational institutions, unless it is innovative in terms of delivery or access;
  • Provision of bursaries which do not bring the possibility of structural or cultural change on the part of the institutions involved;
  • Small scale interventions which are not subsequently scalable;
  • Funding which is likely to be viewed as a substitute for government, university or legal profession funding;
  • Funding for service provision where there is little or no prospect of sustainable sources of income in the future;
  • Award ceremonies, prizes or conferences that do not directly relate to their existing programmes of work;
  • Initiatives where other sources of funding are available or more appropriate; and
  • Policy work that involves lobbying or campaigning.

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted online via given website.

For more information, please visit Legal Education Foundation.

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