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Apply for Nordic Culture Fund

Apply for Nordic Culture Fund

Deadline: 3-Oct-22

The Nordisk KulturFond is offering grants under “Nordic Culture Fund” to act as a catalyst for arts and culture in the Nordic region.

Nordisk KulturFond supports diverse collaborations and weaves together the Nordic region so that everyone can see the part of the world with new eyes.


The quality of the project is assessed by the Fund on the basis of, for example:
The project’s artistic or cultural ambitions and content.
The project’s method and implementation plan.
The project’s degree of innovation and development, possibly in relation to previous projects.
The general and local interest in the project and its value for the participants.
How the project thinks beyond a national perspective and motivates openness and tolerance.
Funding Information

The maximum grant is DKK 500,000.
Nordisk KulturFond does not Fund

Nordisk KulturFond provides wide-ranging support, but there are certain limitations. The Fund does not finance:
Bilateral collaborations that do not have a broader Nordic content or target group.
Projects that lie outside the artistic or cultural field, such as sports events.
Projects that focus primarily on, for example, business development, technological development, the social area, journalism or social science.
The production and publication of products, if this is the sole or primary purpose of the project. This includes, for example, music releases, film and TV production, computer games production, web solutions, book publishing and translations.
Touring activities and travelling exhibitions, unless these are part of another substantial Nordic co-operation.
Study, research or school trips, study tours or education.
The participation of individuals or groups in events. Only the planners/organisers of such events may seek support for this.
Operating costs, construction and the procurement of technical equipment for operational use.
Projects that are already completed.
Eligibility Criteria

Nordisk KulturFond provides funding to projects within all fields of the arts and culture. The projects must be anchored in relevant environments and have committed partners.
The applicant, project partners, and other participants in the project may be individuals, groups, associations, companies, public or private sector organisations, or institutions.
The focus is on the Nordic players, but the stage is global. It is not a condition that you must live in the Nordic countries or have a Nordic nationality to apply, but the project must be relevant to the Nordic latitudes. And it must be of high quality.
They are happy to see applications for innovative projects that build upon previous networking or a previous project.
The Fund operates on the basis of an agreement between the Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Aland.
For more information, visit https://www.nordiskkulturfond.org/en/project-funding-info/

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