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Applications Open for “Embracing the Spirit: Innovation Grant” (Canada)

Applications Open for “Embracing the Spirit: Innovation Grant” (Canada)

Deadline: 15-Jul-20

The United Church of Canada has launched a call for applications for Embracing the Spirit: Innovation Grant 2020.

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Innovation Grants are all about providing funding to ideas that haven’t received seed funding in the past. This could mean the fledgling idea has started to be experimented with or the idea itself is in its infancy. They want to support communities of faith that are willing to stick their necks out and take a leap of faith.

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Funding Information

Grants can be between $500 and $5,000.

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Storytelling: Telling your story is very important to help the learning network grow. All grant recipients will be asked to share the story of their experiment.
All stories will be shared on either the Round the Table blog, through United Church of Canada social media, through the Embracing the Spirit Fellowship Conversations, or through the Embracing the Spirit newsletter.
Public Relations: Telling your story to the wider community is important! This can simply by writing to the editor, being interviewed by local television, writing a press release to the local newspaper, or being a presenter at a local event. Visit Your Church in the News for more resources.
Communications: Embracing the Spirit is enthusiastically and generously supported by the people of The United Church of Canada through their Mission & Service giving. Any communications about your initiative should indicate that this is where the funding was wholly or partially from.
Evaluation and Reporting: What worked, and what was the impact? What didn’t work is just as important. Participants need to highlight best practices and things they wish they had known when they started out. Your input will help other organizations as they plan their projects. The Embracing the Spirit Evaluation Report will be e-mailed to grant recipients six months after receiving funding.
Mentoring: All grant recipients are encouraged to find a mentor to help them with the pilot project. Studies have shown that projects with a mentor are 80 percent more successful. If you are unable to find a mentor, they are happy to work with you to connect you with people in the network

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These grants are available for ideas within faith communities that have

a positive spiritual impact
a positive social impact
a positive ecological impact
a potential for financial sustainability
Application Requirements

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To Submit an application you should also have the following;

an understanding of the problem and solution that you are proposing
some thought around the impacts of your proposal based on the quadruple bottom line (financial, social, ecological, and spiritual impacts)
a clear understanding of how this ties to your existing mission and how this might look in the future
how much you are asking for
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