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All Around Culture Programme: Call for Applications

All Around Culture Programme: Call for Applications

Deadline: 7-Jan-21

In the framework of All-Around Culture, a program co-funded by the European Union, Culture Resource (Al-Mawred Al-Thaqafy) is pleased to launch the open call for the Cultural Alliances component.

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The component will support up to 12 Cultural Alliances consisting of 36 cultural entities, who are seeking to strengthen their adaptive capacities and to engage in setting up a collaboration within alliances as well as wider partnerships on the local, national and regional levels with the aim to strengthen the cultural ecosystem and to facilitate and increase access to culture within their contexts.

What does the All-Around Culture Programme Offer to the Cultural Alliances?

Financial Support: A grant will be provided to support the stability of entities and foster their investment in sustainable collaboration to facilitate and increase access to culture within their contexts. Each alliance will receive a grant of up to €110,000 (up to €60,000 per well-established entity and grants of up to €25,000 for each emerging cultural entity). The grant would cover general support and joint organizational development activities ensuring the effective operation of the alliances.
Regional Workshop: 60 cultural and artistic entities will participate in a regional workshop to learn new theories and explore different approaches to help those mapping ecosystems in their countries.
Learning Frameworks: tailor-made learning modules and cross-cutting topics will be provided to the Cultural Alliances based on their needs through a multitude of approaches including mentorship, training, and workshops among others. Throughout the All-Around Culture programme, Cultural Alliances will be able to improve their managerial, collaborative, and strategic competences, in order to play a more active role supporting their peers and in strengthening the cultural ecosystem.
Regional Collaborations: participating in other components of the All-Around Culture programme will enable the Cultural Alliances to build and widen their network and scope of activities and to develop their respective profile.
What do the Cultural Alliances Offer to the All-Around Culture Programme?

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Long-term Commitment: Cultural Alliances will be strongly involved in diverse activities related to the All-Around Culture programme during its 4-year implementation period by providing services, facilities, or expertise (e.g. sharing knowledge and good practices, offering access to space, participating as trainers, jurors, or mentors).
Collaboration: Intention to evolve and to develop sustainable collaborations with different active stakeholders with the aim to strengthen the cultural ecosystem on national level.
Mapping Ecosystems: Interest and willingness from the Cultural Alliances to develop and explore different mapping approaches and to actively use them in mapping the cultural ecosystems in their countries of residence.
Showcasing: By the end of the implementation period, the Cultural Alliances will present their collaboration experience to the local cultural and artistic community through a showcasing event (added value, lesson learned, best practices, etc.).
Eligibility Criteria

The Cultural Alliances call for applications is open to cultural and artistic entities working in the following Arab countries: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, and Libyan & Syrian entities based in those countries;
All applying entities should be legally registered in their country of residence;
The lead applicant must be an independent (non-governmental) well-established entity with solid experience working within the Arts & Culture sector;
The remaining 2 partners should be emerging independent cultural and artistic entities;
The three applying entities must be working within the same country or two different regions of the same country separated by borders (created, for example, by foreign occupation or political partition) regardless of whether these borders are internationally recognized;
Entities cannot apply as part of more than one alliance.
Profile of the Established Entities

Legally registered and in operation for at least 5 years;
Access to sufficient sources of funding and/or adopts a successful business model;
Strong local network especially with active stakeholders;
Ensuring a hub role locally for cultural and artistic entities;
High public outreach with existing wide audiences;
Developing and/or having an alternative, cross-cutting, and socially-engaged practices (e.g. legal, social, environmental fields, etc.);
Strong capacity in cultural productions (e.g. festivals);
Holding expertise, providing services and facilities (e.g. training, access to physical space, etc.); and
Experience working with youth and/or working in remote areas and/or secluded groups in society with high potential to impact their surroundings.
Profile of the Emerging Entities

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Legally registered and in operation for at least 1 year;
Grass-root based and/or enjoying a strong resonance with local communities;
Looking for national and regional exposure and cross border collaborations;
Potential for significant public outreach and influence;
Enjoying a strong local network with cultural and artistic talents;
Ability to implement innovative and multidisciplinary practices; and
Holding relevant projects with youth and/or in underserved areas and/or with the least-favored segments of the population.
For more information, visit https://allaroundculture.com/Cultural-Alliances

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