ADICE59100 recruits 01 Junior EU Aid Volunteer, Medical and paramedical services (Midwife)

ADICE59100 recruits 01 Junior EU Aid Volunteer, Medical and paramedical services (Midwife)


This volunteering position will take place in a small grassroots organization developing
mainly local development aid projects in rural isolated area. It is expected from the
volunteer to be autonomous and able to take initiatives to support the hosting organization and local community in the development of their projects and activities.
Kongo Community Development Association (KoCDA) is a community based organization in West Africa, Ghana, precisely in Kongo of the Upper East region.
The Organization seeks a dedicated midwife to assist at one of the local clinics, Ayamfooya Memorial Clinic, in Kongo village, northern Ghana, as well as in other clinics (Nangodi clinic).
It is a rural setting with a very hot and dry climate. Ayamfooya has been serving the community for 28 years and is one of 5 clinics serving Nabdam district catering to the district’s population of approx. 60 000, also offering pro-bono services to the most vulnerable groups of the population. The majority of the population does not have the means to pay for health insurance or minor medical services. Basic ailments reported include malaria, typhoid, skin infections and respiratory tract infections. HIV prevalence is high.
The clinic facilities are very basic with a first surgery room being constructed at the end of 2018. There is no adequate advanced medical technological equipment available. The clinic has 3 consultation rooms, one laboratory with malaria, typhoid and other disease testing possibilities, one maternity ward, a dispensary and an ambulance. The entire district has no medical doctor. The clinic is staffed by 2 physician assistants 4 permanent and 3 temporary senior nurses, and 2 midwives, but is in need of long-term medical staff. In Nabdam district, Ayamfooya gets at least 50% of patient attendance. That makes it a preferred destination for many patients. There is an average of 2500 monthly OPD attendance.
The clinic are seeking a committed individual to consult patients where needed and provide trainings for staff members. This is a highly demanding position for a motivated individual with leadership ability, preferably with previous experience working in rural settings, who is able to independently find the needs of the clinic and set a work plan to achieve the goals.
This position provides a fulfilling opportunity for a mission-driven person who would like to save lives and make an invaluable contribution to a rural community in West Africa, who is not afraid of challenges and very basic living and working conditions.

Expected results/objectives:

– Provide primary healthcare to the local community particularly women
reproductive/ maternal health issues
– To increase the quality of reproductive/maternal health services in Kongo village so
as to reduce the mortality of children under 5 years

Tâches :

A competent midwife capable of conducting skillful deliveries. Should be self-
motivated, confident and able to work under minimal and comparative lack of resources in a rural setting.

Specific Tasks Include:
1. Provide antenatal services
2. Conduct deliveries with minimum assistance
3. Help provide postnatal care services
4. Involved in health talks/pregnancy school
5. Join in home visits to clients
6. Offer ideas and help to deliver health talks at community durbars

VilleKongo village ( )
Expériences / Formation du candidat– Degree in Midwifery or General Nursing.
– Has certification as a professional midwife.
– Work experience practicing as a Midwife in in the applicant’s home country
– Should be able to work with minimum supervision in the maternity department
– Should possess good customer service skills
– Be proactive in educating community women on maternal health issues
– Should be able to impart knowledge and skills to colleague health workers
– Should possess a strong a sense of duty in less endowed rural settings
– Good spoken English
– Strong autonomy and adaptability
– Capacity to live in a rural isolated area.
Experience0 à 3 ans
FonctionsTechnicien spécialisé, Formation
Secteurs d’activitéDroits humains, Développement économique et local
PaysAfrique, Ghana
Salaire / IndemnitéThe programme covers the following costs:
– Pre-departure training with the European Commission: transport, food and accommodation covered by the programme
– Pre-departure training with the sending organisation: transport, food and accommodation covered by the programme
– International travel, visa, vaccinations and malaria pills covered
– Insurance during the duration of the project
– Accommodation
– Monthly allowance: 640.94 euros will be paid to the volunteer to cover subsistence (food, any other personal items) in addition to a local transportation reimbursement (up to 40€ per month).
– In addition, after the return, 100€ of post deployment resettlement allowance per month of deployment done, will be foreseen.Deployment : September 2019 to March 2020


Comment postulerThe candidate has to send the following documents to
– his/her application form SuD HAV 2
– his/her self assessment questionnaire
– his/her CV in Europass format
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Date de fin de validité14/04/2019

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