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Active Citizens Fund Romania inviting Applications to increase the level of Education & Civic Involvement

Active Citizens Fund Romania inviting Applications to increase the level of Education & Civic Involvement

Deadline: 20-Apr-21

The Active Citizens Fund Romania is inviting applications for its Round-2 Education and Civic Involvementto increase the level of civic and human rights education and the involvement of citizens.

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The call is launched under Outcome 1 of the Program – Democratic Culture and Enhanced Civic Awareness and covers two areas supported by the Active Citizens Fund Romania, “Democracy, Active Citizenship, Good Governance and Transparency” and “Environment and Climate Change”.

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Financial Allocation: 829,200 Euro.
Eligible Projects

Eligible projects contain integrated approaches to increasing citizens’ education on civil and human rights to support them in their exercise. Civic and human rights will also be addressed together in educational programs to maximize the understanding and applicability of the knowledge gained.
Media literacy initiatives are strongly encouraged, especially if they support young citizens to develop critical thinking and to be responsible producers / consumers of news.
Partnerships with other NGOs active in the same field or in complementary fields of activity, as well as with other stakeholders, are strongly encouraged.
The use of innovative methods that can foster community involvement and mobilization is also encouraged.
Eligibility Criteria

Eligible applicants are exclusively the following:
Non-governmental and non-profit organizations (NGOs), with Romanian nationality that have acquired legal personality, are organized and managed according to the provisions of Government Ordinance 26/2000 and / or Law 21/1924 on associations and foundations (with subsequent amendments and completions);
The youth foundations at county and Bucharest level as well as the National Foundation for Youth established under Law 146/2002 (with subsequent amendments and completions);
The Romanian National Red Cross Society established under Law 139/1995 (amended and supplemented by Law 524/2004) and its structures with legal personality.
Eligible project partners:
Projects can be implemented in partnership with Project Partners. Project partners will share the same values ??and economic or social objectives with those of the Applicant, which will be achieved through the implementation of the project. The partners will be actively involved and will effectively contribute to the implementation of the project.
Partnership is not mandatory, but is encouraged, especially with Partners from Donor States. The following legal entities are eligible to be project partners: non-governmental organizations, public entities (such as local and central public bodies, public institutions / agencies, deconcentrated government services at local level, administrative units territorial, universities, etc.), as well as private entities (commercial or non-commercial), established as legal entities either in: Romania, Donor States (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein), Beneficiary States (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and Slovenia) and / or non-EU countries European Economic Area which have a common border with Romania (Moldova, Ukraine and Serbia), any international organization, its body or agency.
Only the following entities are eligible to receive funding as Project Partners under the Program:
NGOs that meet the eligibility requirements set for Applicants.
International organizations, bodies or agencies thereof (international intergovernmental organizations or international non-governmental organizations);
Public entities.
For more information, visit https://activecitizensfund.ro/apel-2-runda-2/

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