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Action Grants in the Field of Prevention of Irregular Migration

Action Grants in the Field of Prevention of Irregular Migration

Deadline: 5-Jul-22

The European Commission (EC) has announced a call for proposals for EU action grants in the field of prevention of irregular migration and countering migrant smuggling under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).

The general objective of the call is to contribute to the change of perceptions and behaviour of third country nationals pondering to irregularly migrate to the EU and of key influencers of their decisions (e.g. families, religious or community leaders, teachers, returning migrants, providers of services facilitating migration).

Actions should pursue the following specific objectives:

to provide trusted, factual, balanced information on the risks of irregular migration – during the journey (dangers of migrating irregularly) and after arrival (hardship of living in the EU irregularly and return), as well as on relevant legal alternatives of migration and on available economic opportunities in the country or region of origin;
to empower credible voices in countering migrant smugglers’ and diasporas’ narratives on irregular migration and narratives on living irregularly in the EU;
to strengthen multi-stakeholder cooperation between actors, such as civil society organisations, researchers, media outlets, local state actors, diaspora and where relevant other stakeholders;
to enhance the sustainability of communication activities and results of the campaign.
Proposals which focus on information and awareness raising campaigns targeting only diaspora within EU Member States and do not involve third countries will be rejected.

Funding Information
The available call budget is EUR 8 000 000.

Expected Outcomes
EU support to five and up to 15 projects of information and awareness raising campaigns in the area of migration in third countries of origin and transit along the main migratory routes towards the EU, in particular, the Eastern, Central and Western Mediterranean routes, the Western Balkans route and the Silk route.Third countries of particular interest are Algeria, Bangladesh, Gambia, Iraq, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, Tunisia and Turkey. Regional campaigns targeting more than one third countries along the migratory routes would be welcome. These projects should focus on preventing irregular migration and the risks of migrant smuggling in particular, while the campaigns in third countries may be complemented by components in Europe that focus on engaging the target audiences’ network connections.

Eligibility Criteria
In order to be eligible, the applicants (beneficiaries and affiliated entities) must:

be legal entities:
Public bodies
Non-profit-making private entities
be established in one of the eligible countries, i.e.:
EU Member States (including overseas countries and territories (OCTs), excluding Denmark)
countries associated to the AMIF or countries which are in ongoing negotiations for an association agreement and where the agreement enters into force before grant signature
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