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ACT Foundation Grant Cycle 2021 for African Organisations

ACT Foundation Grant Cycle 2021 for African Organisations

Deadline: 30-Nov-20

Aspire Coronation Trust (ACT) Foundation is seeking applications for 2021 Grant Cycle to drive sustainable impact across Africa pushes them beyond boundaries; and as such they always strive to do more.

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They seek to promote broad based participation/partnership with other institution and/or donor organizations aimed at building sustainable communities and to provide innovative solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges.

They believe that grant making is a critical tool in engineering social change, and even more they are inspired by the long and short term partnerships they make. Their strength lies in the partnerships they create and sustain through funding for programs and activities that have great potential of altering the downward trajectory of development on the African continent.

At ACT Foundation, they have adopted a responsive approach to grant making. By funding focused-interventions, they work across a broad spectrum of developmental issues clustered within their focus areas.

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Aspire Coronation Trust (ACT) Foundation is a grant making nonprofit organization established in 2016 to support local, national and regional non – profit organizations working to address challenges and associated vulnerabilities across the African Continent.

Focus Areas

Health: Their goal is to facilitate better health care services for the vulnerable and marginalized groups in their society.
Environment: In a joint report by WHO & UNICEF (August 2004) it was stated that about 2.4 billion people will likely face the risk of needless diseases and death by the target of 2015 because of bad sanitation such as decaying or non-existent sewage systems which will fuel the spread of diseases like cholera and diarrhea which kills 1 child every 21 seconds
Entrepreneurship: The United Nations Sustainable Development Report states that the percentage of people living below the extreme poverty line dropped by half between 2002 and 2012, from 26 to 13 per cent. This translated to one in eight people worldwide living in extreme poverty in 2012. Poverty remains widespread in Sub-Saharan Africa, where more than 40 per cent of people lived on less than 1.90 US dollars a day in 2013.
Leadership: They recognize that they have leadership challenges as a nation and a continent, therefore, there is need to build a new generation of credible, accountable and ethical leaders who will propel the continent towards effective and sustainable economic and human development as well as peace and security.
Areas of Support
Organizational Development;
Monitoring and Evaluation;
Board Governance and Support;
Impact Measurement;
Professional Development;
Eligibility Criteria
If you are a Nigerian organization applying for this grant, the organization must be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission for a least TWO years (24 months).
If you are an organization within Africa, applying for this grant, your organization should be registered with the appropriate legal entity within your respective countries for not less than TWO years (24 months).
Must be legally registered as a nonprofit organization.(GTE/LTD). However, if you are applying as a social enterprise, the Foundation will only fund initiatives that are not for profit.
ACT Foundation will not fund any nonprofit whose official bank account name is different from the name of the organization.
It is required that you show a strong governance structure. Kindly note that the details of the board of directors should reflect in the company’s registration documents. If not, please update.
You will be required to show evidence of other sources of funding.
You be required to show audited financial report of no longer than two years before the application to receive funds.
Organization must show track record of past projects and work done within the ACT Foundation focus area of Health, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Environment.
Proposed projects/programs must have a maximum life cycle of 12 months i.e. it must be executed and completed within 6 to 12 months.
The organization applying is required to have a minimum staff strength of 3 part time/full time paid Individuals.
The organization is required to be open to an independent audit of the disbursed grants by the Foundation.
Be a non-profit/non-governmental organization registered under the relevant Laws of the country where it is implementing;
Be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the project, i.e. not acting as an intermediary;
Program/Initiative must be implemented in within Africa;
Program must be innovative and impact driven;
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