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4th Edition of the EDP Energy Access Fund is now open

4th Edition of the EDP Energy Access Fund is now open

Deadline: 16-May-22

Applications for the 4th edition of the EDP Energy Access Fund is now open.

They believe that the future is electric and renewable, and that sustainability can make a difference in the lives of many people who are in remote locations without access to energy.
These changes will allow the Fund to increase its impact, both in the number of organizations supported and in the number of beneficiaries reached.
Areas of Activity
Water And Agriculture: boreholes, water pumping and crop irrigation
Education: lighthing, computers and internet services
Community: electrification of homes community centers and public lightning
Health: lightning of facilities, laboratories, diagnostic equipment and refrigeration of vaccines
Business: energy supply of small business initiatives and supply of electricity for machinery and equipment.
Types of Projects
The Fund will focus on five major topics for which energy makes a key contribution: education, health, water and agriculture, business and community.
The description in each line of action on the webpage and Regulation are just mere examples of potential projects, it is not limited to those. More projects can fit in the categories. Check the past editions for more information on the type of supported projects.
Funding Information
The budget will increase from 500 000 euros annually to 1 million euros, to invest in sustainable and clean energy projects in developing countries, which helps to alleviate the energy poverty of our planet and allows to support more organisations.
Besides that, the project funding from 25 000 euros to 100 000 euros will grow from 50 000 up to 150 000 euros, giving organisations the opportunity to apply with larger projects.
Eligibility Criteria
Non-profit and for-profit organizations can apply. Individuals or groups of persons are not eligible for funding.
Organizations must be legally incorporated and registered for over 2 years.
In this edition, they will support projects that are located in these countries:
For more information, visit https://www.edp.com/en/edp/social-responsibility/access-energy-fund-program#4th-edition

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