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2022 Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund [U.S.]

2022 Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund [U.S.]

Deadline: 3-Oct-22

The Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund (WCTF) is offering grants to all forms of arts and culture.

The Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund has supported Preservation Easement projects which protect and preserve cultural resources (be they archaeological sites, historic buildings or monuments)

Applicants must address the historic preservation guidelines and additional questions. There are no separate questions for Preservation Easements, but please be diligent in explaining the proposed easement and the historic preservation ramifications in describing the project.

The WCTF can provide grant funding for all forms of arts and culture, including but not limited to:

Visual Art
Performing Arts
Design Arts
Media Arts
Folk/Traditional Arts
Historic and Architectural Preservation
Community Cultural Celebrations
Cultural and Heritage Tourism
Grant applications shall, at a minimum, indicate the ability of the organization or project to accomplish one or more of the following:

Create and complete innovative projects that expand and develop Wyoming’s cultural environment
Reward innovative thinking in advancing Wyoming’s culture
Preserve Wyoming’s historical and cultural heritage
Increase awareness of Wyoming’s historical and cultural heritage
Develop and promote cultural events that bring Wyoming citizens together to celebrate the State’s cultural heritage
Increase the availability and access of cultural opportunities for the citizens of Wyoming
Build long-term financial investment in Wyoming cultural institutions and infrastructure, including increasing and stimulating public and private investment
Strengthen and increase the organizational capacity of Wyoming’s cultural institutions
Increase cooperation, communication and partnerships between non-profit cultural organizations, public entities, the private sector and individuals for the benefit of Wyoming’s cultural life
Develop new local and/or regional organizations devoted to the advancement of culture
Support the role of Wyoming’s cultural life in community and economic development
Develop cultural and heritage tourism in the state
Funding Information
Grant requests should be no greater than $50,000. Previous awards have averaged approximately $18,000.
Each grant application will be weighed on its own merits in relation to the Evaluation, Ranking and Prioritization . The WCTF anticipates more requests for funding than will be available, so the review process will be competitive.
Eligibility Criteria
Wyoming non-profit and governmental agencies may apply. Non-profit organizations must be determined tax-exempt by the Internal Revenue Service and incorporated in the State of Wyoming. Governmental agency means any state, tribal, federal, county or local government agency, including municipal subdivisions.
All programs and activities proposed must occur primarily within the State of Wyoming; although it is recognized that expertise may be based in other states, the final product/project/event or activity must occur in Wyoming. Promotional or marketing efforts of events/sites/projects may be directed and focused outside the state.
For more information, visit https://culturaltrust.wyo.gov/index.php/grants/grants-process#

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