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2022 Community Grants Program Round 2 in Australia

2022 Community Grants Program Round 2 in Australia

Deadline: 30-Sep-22

Muswellbrook Shire Council is pleased to launch the Community Grants program to provide financial assistance to local organisations that work towards enhancing the social, cultural and recreational well-being of the community.

The program provides opportunities for local not-for-profit community-based groups and organisations to apply for funding to assist with projects in Muswellbrook Shire that meet the needs of the community, foster partnerships and benefit residents.

Grants are available on a matched funding (dollar-for-dollar) basis with an exception for community rural hall applications. In-kind support contributions such as donated goods, services or voluntary work will be considered.

Council’s Grants and Community Engagement Advisor Ivan Skaines said the program offers organisations an excellent opportunity to receive assistance to deliver a wide range of projects that connect and benefit members of the community.

Funding Information
Organisations will need to calculate a dollar value for in-kind support – calculate volunteer general labour at $20 per hour; calculate volunteer specialist labour (for example, engineer or architect) at $45 per hour; calculate donated goods at the price you would pay for them if they were not donated.
There is no upper limit on the amount of funding requested, however in the past funding has been provided for projects ranging from $350 to $1,000.
Grant applications will be considered from “not for profit” local educational and community groups in Muswellbrook Local Government Area. Capital projects for sporting groups are not eligible as funding is available through Council’s Small and Large Capital Grants program.
Funding will be provided for local initiatives and projects that will address at least one of the goals outlined
Grants are available on a matched funding (dollar for dollar) basis (excluding Community Rural Halls applications). In-kind support contributions (donated goods, services or volunteer work to support the project) will be considered.
Grants are not available for organisations that owe money to Muswellbrook Shire Council or have not completed a previous grant acquittal.
Applicants must provide a current copy of their Certificate of Currency as evidence of public liability cover of at least $20m.
Applications may not be submitted for work that has already taken place.
If grants are for structures, relevant approvals must be in evidence before funding will be made available
Project Management
Funded projects must be started within 3 months of receipt of the letter of offer/signing the funding agreement.
The grant may only be used for the purpose specified in the funding agreement. Any change must be approved in writing by Council before the work is undertaken.
Applicants will be required to acknowledge the funding provided by Council in a manner approved by Council staff in any communication about the project.
Council reserves the right to publicise approved projects in any media form it chooses.
The successful applicant will be responsible for project management and all project costs in excess of the approved grant, with all works undertaken being required to comply with Council policies, including but not limited to Sponsorship and Donations, Workplace Health and Safety, Volunteer and procurement policies. Works will be subject to inspection and verification.
Funded projects must be completed within 12 months of receipt of the letter of offer/signing the funding agreement.
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