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USAID Sénégal recrute un Spécialiste en Gestion de Projet

USAID Sénégal recrute un Spécialiste en Gestion de Projet

Entreprise/Structure: USAID/SENEGAL
Ville, Pays: Dakar, Sénégal
Niveau d’études minimum réquis: Non précisé
Expériences professionnelles demandées: 5 ans
Date limite de dépôt de dossier: 03-07-2016

Email de réception des candidatures :

TO: All Qualified Applicants
JOB TITLE: USAID PROJECT MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST (Health Systems Strenghtening Specialist)
GRADE: FSN-10 with the possibility of hiring the employee at the lower grade
Note: Due to the number of applications we receive, only applicants who have been short listed will be contacted by USAID.
This position is for a professional to provide Local Health Governance expertise in support of the Mission’s programs in Health Systems Strengthening (HSS). The jobholder assists the Health Systems Strengthening Advisor and the Senior Health Systems Strengthening Advisor in the local health governance and supply chain management aspects of HSS programming—areas central to the new USAID 5-year health strategy (2016-2021).
The job holder assists in the management of contracts and grants to ensure the effective implementation of strategies developed in conformity with USAID rules and regulations and are consistent with Government of Senegal (GOS) policies and operating principles. The HSS Specialist assists the HSS Advisor to represent USAID at technical and political forums with donors and Senegalese national, regional and community-level stakeholders in gathering information on efforts to increase the capacity of health systems and sharing with others USAID’s activities. The job holder provides technical assistance on HSS issues and implementation to IPs and MOH counterparts consistent with the policies of USAID.
The HSS Specialist provides significant increased capacity of the Health team to manage the breadth of interventions associated with health systems strengthening.
The jobholder provides input on new program initiatives, drafts program documents to secure funding and implement activities, and assists in maintaining relationships between USAID and other organizations (Ministry of Health (MOH), Implementing Partners (IPs), Non-Government Organization (NGOs), etc.) about HSS activities. The jobholder participates on behalf of USAID in meetings, conferences and outreaches about HSS activities and maintains communication with colleagues in AID/Washington and with other USG offices in Senegal. S/he will serve as a technical expert on HSS supply chain management and local health governance.
Specific additional responsibilities include:
1. Provision of technical assistance and backstopping (45%)
• Advises the MOH central and district program managers, and local government officials, on specific aspects (e.g. Local Health Governance and Supply Chain Management) of HSS and informs them of alternative approaches for attaining program objectives. Assists USAID/Senegal partners to provide the technical and managerial expertise to MOH health districts and local communities to build institutional capacity.
• Assists in the design, planning and implementation of HSS activities, in particular those impacting on human resources, supply chain management, and local health governance. S/he will assist the HSS advisor in their health finance activities, as needed.
• Provides technical support and managerial support to partners involved in HSS during the designing and implementation phases to ensure the quality of interventions and programmatic targets are met.
• Provides detailed input on issues related to local health governance activities.
• Conducts analysis of program performance and recommends changes in strategic and/or implementation approaches as required.
2. Management of Program Implementation (35%)
• Assists the HSS Advisor in management of contracts and grants subject to USAID rules and regulations
• Oversees capacity-building activities implemented by partners, NGOs and MOH in the areas of local health governance and supply chain management.
• Recommends ways to improve governance and accountability, and to increase local resource mobilization.
• Serves as Acquisition Officer Representative (AOR) and Contracting Officer Representative (COR) and Activity Manager for selected Mission contracts and grants aiming to strengthen health systems; regularly monitors and evaluates program performance and ensures that appropriate program documentation is provided.
• Serves as a Government to Government (G2G) activity manager for select G2G agreements related to local health governance and/or supply chain management.
• Serves as backstop to the Senior HSS Advisor and the HSS Advisor.
3. Coordination of Mission programs with donors, Government of Senegal (GOS) stakeholders and other partners (20%)
• Collaborates closely with the Health Team to ensure effective implementation of health strategy.
• Consults with the experts working in international organizations to keep abreast of current developments and successful interventions.
• Works closely with the Mission Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist and implementing partners to track results achieved; analyzes data and results to confirm their continuing validity; takes a lead role in developing performance information for annual results reporting.
a. Education: A graduate degree in public health, nursing or similar discipline, and training in health financing or institutional capacity building/ organizational development.
b. Prior Work Experience: Five years of progressively responsible experience managing health programs. At least three years-experience designing and managing public sector programs in the developing world, preferably sub-saharan Africa.
c. Post Entry Training: On-going training in Agency approaches to project design, implementation, and reporting. Technical update on HSS efforts in existing programs being used in Senegal. Computer skills and other information technology training.
d. Language Proficiency: French fluency at the FSI level 4/4 and English 3+/3+.
e. Knowledge: Familiarity with MOH policies, regulations, program priorities and key planning documents related to USAID areas of intervention. Experience with AID program regulations and management requirements are desirable.
f. Abilities and Skills: Demonstrated managerial, administrative, analytical, and decision-making abilities. Ability to readily analyze, understand, and discuss new program design, management, and implementation approaches. Demonstrated ability to identify priority actions and generate and complete work plans within short time frames. Strong oral and written skills, and ability to clearly communicate new program and technical concepts to technical and non-technical counterparts. Strong interpersonal communication skills. Ability to rapidly create text, spreadsheets, and other types of documents to meet specific program and reporting needs.
a. Supervision Received: The jobholder will report directly to the US Personal Service Contract (USPSC) Third Country National (TCN) Senior HSS Advisor. S/he is expected to  work with minimal supervision and oversight and to take initiative to improve program management, planning, and results. The jobholder liaises daily with the other HPN team members to ensure synergies and effective management of activities. The jobholder drafts correspondence and presentations as requested by the Senior HSS Advisor related to USAID policy and implementation and initiates correspondence directly in carrying out Contracting Officer’s Representative/Activity Manager responsibilities.
b. Supervision Exercised: N/A
c. Available Guidelines: Mission Orders, Automated Directives Systems (ADS), New Management System (NMS), Strategic Plans, and other technical directives from the Global Health Bureau and Africa Bureau.
d. Exercise of Judgment: The position requires a significant level of judgment be applied in all activities. The jobholder is expected to be familiar with major constraints in Senegal’s health systems and to be adept at discussing sensitive issues with GOS officials and other partners; ability to review and appraise quality of reports and evaluations, and technical services procured by USAID. Must be able to provide rapid independent analysis of problems, issues, and opportunities as they arise, and make recommendations to senior management.
e. Authority to Make Commitments: Exercises delegations of authority granted to Foreign Service National (FSN) technical staff, as described in Mission Orders.
f. Nature, Level, and Purpose of Contacts: The jobholder maintains and develops professional relationships at the middle to senior levels in the GOS, NGOs and donors. Maintains frequent contact with mid-to-high level officials of MOH and other partners to discuss strategies, health policy, and program activities.
g. Time Expected to Reach Full Performance Level: One year.
I. Interested applicants with existing Senegalese Work Permits or who possess Senegalese Work Permits MUST submit a complete application package which includes the five following required document:
1. A cover letter
2. 3 References (Name, email address and phone number of each reference)
3. relevant degrees
4. A filled and signed OF-612 form (form can be found on this web site: under “Career”)
5. A detailed resume
6. All incomplete applications will be rejected
II. Application should be addressed
2. subject MUST be: JOB ANNOUNCEMENT FSN/2016/07 USAID PROJECT MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST (Health Systems Strenghtening Specialist)
III. Application should be send:
 OR
 By Postal Mail: USAID/SENEGAL Route des Almadies – B.P. 49 – Dakar, Senegal
Deadline to receive applications: JULY 3, 2016
EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: The US Mission in Senegal provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation. USAID/Senegal also strives to achieve equal employment opportunity in all personnel operations through continuing diversity enhancement programs.
The EEO complaint procedure is not available to individuals who believe they have been denied equal opportunity based upon marital status or political affiliation. Individuals with such complaints should avail themselves of the appropriate grievance procedures, remedies for prohibited personnel practices, and/or courts for relief.

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