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L’USAID recrute un Auditeur

Entreprise/Structure: USAID Sénégal
Ville, Pays: Dakar, Sénégal
Niveau d’études minimum réquis: Non précisé
Expériences professionnelles demandées: 5 ans
Date limite de dépôt de dossier: 03-07-2016
Email de réception des candidatures :

Détails de l’Offre :

TO: All Qualified Candidates
WORK HOURS: Full time position – 40 hours/week
GRADE: FSN-10/with the possibility of hiring the employee at a trainee level
Note: Due to the number of applications we receive, only applicants who have been short listed will be contacted by USAID.
The primary purpose of this position is to serve as an Auditor for RIG/Dakar. S/he conducts assigned audits of USAID financial, program, and management activities, and the financial, program, and management activities of USAID implementing partners (IPs).
Financial Audit activities 70%
Present Auditing Standards Course 10%
Perform operational audits as assigned 20%
For Financial Audit activities, the incumbent’s role is to:
Perform desk reviews of financial audits of USAID recipients. This involves: (1) requesting and reviewing annual audit plans from 10 missions in RIG/Dakar regions of cognizance; (2) providing technical assistance to missions in planning for audits; (3) and providing guidance to approved audit firms during the audits. RIG/Dakar region of cognizance covers 28 countries in North, West, and Central Africa and, currently, includes 25 approved audit firms.
Ensure the quality of audits performed by public accounting firms. This activity involves: (1) performing desk reviews of audit reports submitted by missions; (2) communicating with missions and audit firms to improve the quality of submitted audit reports; (3) approving or rejecting submitted audit reports; (4) performing Quality Control Reviews of public accounting  firms’ working papers for selected audit reports; and (5) maintaining a list of approved audit firms.
Issue audit reports that are found acceptable and distribute them to USAID officials. This activity involves” (1) drafting letter reports to USAID missions directors and controllers for the RIG’s signature; (2) making recommendations to missions based on the findings in the audit reports; and (3) following up on the recommendations for prompt resolution.
As Financial Audit Trainer, the incumbent’s role is to: Develop and present training courses on auditing in USAID environment. Specifically, the courses focus on U.S. Government Auditing Standards; the USAID Guidelines for Financial Audits Contracted by Foreign Recipients; USAID Costs Principles; and Fraud Awareness.
The Courses are given in French and English to Supreme Audit Institutions, public accounting firms, USAID recipients, and USAID missions. The courses consist of presentations, discussions, and exercises. Preparation of the courses require research, preparing PowerPoint slides, developing exercises, and translating various technical reference materials such as the Yellow Book, the Guidelines, and the OIG Fraud Indicators Manual into French. It is important to note that these courses are more demanding than most training courses. A large part of the training is composed of discussing audit subject and activities and answering questions in front of audience that are already experts in this area. To be effective, the Trainer must have an intimate knowledge of U.S. Government Auditing Standards and their application to USAID financial audits. In addition, the Trainer should have practical working experience of how the financial audit program has evolved and be able to answer the “Why” questions as well as the “how” questions.
For Performance Audit activities, the incumbent’s role is to: Conduct assigned audits of USAID financial, program, and management activities. The incumbent participates in the audits as a team member and receives general instructions regarding the scope of the audit, the level of detail required, a discussion of anticipated problem areas, and the time allotted for accomplishing the audit or a limited phase of the audit. The incumbent prepares work papers and supporting documentary evidence and submits written reports to supervisors for approval and/or inclusion in broader reports of audit findings..
1. Education: Work requires a University Degree in accounting, finance, computer science, or business administration. Completion of some postgraduate study, and/or possession of the host-country equivalent of a CPA, is desirable.
2. Prior Work Experience: A minimum of five years of progressively responsible experience in professional accounting and/or auditing is required. Former experience with the USG or USAID is highly desirable, but not required.
3. Language Proficiency: Level IV English and native facility in French is required.
4. Knowledge: A thorough knowledge of professional auditing standards, theories, practices and terminology, and of the principles and accepted practices of governmental and business accounting, is required. A thorough knowledge of applicable U.S. laws and host-country requirements and of USAID programs, goals, and objectives. Must be thoroughly familiar with USAID financial regulations and procedures in particular and USAID organization and operations in general. A thorough knowledge of administrative theory and practice and a general knowledge of supply, procurement, contracting and budget matters is required.
5. Skills and Abilities: Must have good organizational skills, the ability to analyze factual data and to apply creative thinking and sound independent judgment. Must be able to assimilate and assess difficult and often conflicting materials while recognizing relevant information, and to evaluate audit implications of relevant data. Skills are required to establish and maintain contacts with mid- to high-level officials of USAID and the GOS, regarding sensitive matters during the audit process and in presenting and supporting recommendations. Must be able to prepare written reports summarizing audit results, audit progress reports, cables, and other correspondence. Work requires skill in the presentation of audit findings in various forums, including USAID missions, AID/W, and/or grantee offices and to host-government officials in Senegal and other countries in West Africa. In addition, the ability to prepare and present courses of instruction to mission, contractor, and host government personnel. The courses will cover U.S. government auditing standards, especially their application to USAID financial audits.
1. Supervision Received: Supervisor is the Audit Manager or NFA Coordinator. Work is assigned generally in broad terms with objectives to be achieved and suggestions as to approach and/or methodology. Supervisor reviews work incrementally for compliance with IG policy and procedures. Frequently the incumbent travels to other countries unaccompanied by supervisor.
2. Available Guidelines: USAID. Automated Directive System, OIG Handbooks, Audit Guides and work plans, GAO Government Accounting Standards (Yellow Book), AICPA Standards and Guides for Financial Audits.
3. Exercise of Judgment: Substantial judgment is required when missions propose areas of audit when incumbent is there on his own, in deciding whether to accept such proposals, tell them that this is not a proper area of inquiry or to bring back their proposals for decision. Judgment in determining whether all technical aspects of audits are adequately addressed is also required.
4. Authority to Make Commitments: Is authorized to incur costs for reasonable expenses in the course of audit assignments; i.e., travel, accommodations, supplies, etc.
5. Supervision Exercised: None.
6. Post Entry Training: On the job training in specialized accounting/auditing procedures.
7. Nature, Level, Purpose of Contacts: High level officials of missions where audit is conducted, as well as key officials of government organizations being audit.
8. Time Required to Perform Full Range of Duties after Entry into Position: Six months
I. Interested applicants with existing Senegalese Work Permits or who possess Senegalese Work Permits MUST submit a complete application package which includes the five following required document:
1. A cover letter
2. 3 References (Name, email address and phone number of each reference)
3. relevant degrees
4. A filled and signed OF-612 form (form can be found on this web site: under “Career”)
5. A detailed resume
6. All incomplete applications will be rejected
II. Application should be addressed
2. Email subject MUST be: JOB ANNOUNCEMENT FSN/2016/08 AUDITOR (AID)
III. Application should be send:
 OR
 By Postal Mail: USAID/SENEGAL Route des Almadies – B.P. 49 – Dakar, Senegal
Deadline to receive applications: JULY 3, 2016
EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: The US Mission in Senegal provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation. USAID/Senegal also strives to achieve equal employment opportunity in all personnel operations through continuing diversity enhancement programs.
The EEO complaint procedure is not available to individuals who believe they have been denied equal opportunity based upon marital status or political affiliation.
Individuals with such complaints should avail themselves of the appropriate grievance procedures, remedies for prohibited personnel practices, and/or courts for relief.


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