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HEC Paris MBA Scholarship for exellence

HEC Paris MBA Scholarship for exellence

Scholarships for Excellence are for exceptional applicants who understand the added value of an MBA from our top-ranked business school. In turn, this award is our way of attracting the best students and helping them to realize their full potential and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Eligibility: All of our HEC Paris MBA admitted candidates can apply for this Merit-Based scholarship. You may still apply to additional scholarships from the list below if eligible:

Selection Criteria: Candidates must complete an application through our online system. The Scholarships Jury assesses information from the candidate’s application and its decision is based on academic excellence, the overall strength of the application, the results of the selection interviews and the candidate’s GMAT score.

Amount of Award: The amount of the scholarship varies from €8,000 to €26,000

4 different amounts can be awarded:

  • €8,000
  • €14,000
  • €20,000
  • €28,000

The amount is deducted from the successful candidates’ last tuition fee payment. Please note that any amount awarded will be adapted prorata temporis in case of a Double-Degree.

Application Deadline: Within a week of admission.

Decision date: Decisions will be announced a week after the Admissions Jury decision.

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  2. Veillez suivre les indication.


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